Jorified Outfit

Today's post is really what I think exemplifies what this blog is about. I took four pieces from four different designers to make an outfit. I think it turned out great! The four designers I tapped for this one are: FnH, L'Emperio, N-Core, AH, and Magika for the hairstyle.

The top comes from FnH, which less politely stands for Fuckin' Hawt! I have had this top for a long time, maybe as long as two years. I never wore it because at the time that I bought it, I wore the maitreya body. There is a version for maitreya, but it is experimental. In this case, it did not work out well for my maitreya shape, but it is absolutely perfect on my Hourglass shape. I'll be wearing this a lot more, I can promise you that, and here is why:

It comes in a naughty version, too! I will be making a visit to FnH in the near future to see what new items they have that I can't live without. 

This top comes in versions to fit Slink (both), maitreya (experimental), and the standard sizes for those who do not have a mesh body: XXS, XS, S, M, L.

The whole reason for making this outfit is because I found these leggings on the MP yesterday. That was it, just the leggings, but they are amazing! The designer for these stockings is L'Emperio. This is the first item I've bought from this store, but I will be paying them a more detailed visit soon. 

They come in 2 versions depending on whether or not you want shine. The leggings, or stockings as they are called on the item, come with a fully customizable HUD. You can change the color of mesh and band, the diamonds, and the hearts, and the color palette infinite. You can choose any colors you desire. Sizes to fit Slink (both) and Maitreya. 

Also featured in this ensemble is AH's Tiny Thong. I've written about these a little bit already. They are made by Artificial Hallucination. I really like these panties, not because they are totally hot and customizable, but because they fit under my clothes! Usually. They fit Freya, Slink (both), and Maitreya.

The shoes are what brought the whole thing together for me. The stockings wear pretty well with shoes, but not perfect, so I chose a pair of shoes that minimally covered the tops of my feet. N-Core's Endless totally fit the bill. These are the perfect, classic, go-to platform heels, in my opinion.

The joint in my hand comes as a prop for a R.O! (Reve Obscura) pose called Dreamer - Bento. The pose is not shown. 

Last, but not least, is Early, a hairstyle by probably my favorite hair designer, Magika. Ladies with boobs, here is a pigtail hairstyle you can wear that will look nice. It may go into the side of your boob, but because of where it cuts in, it doesn't look bad, barely can tell unless you are looking for it. 

That's all for this installment of SL: Jorified. See you next time!


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