Some Habits Are Worth It, No Matter How Bad They May Be For You

Today, I'm going to post just because I like the picture. I've always wanted to do a photography blog showing before and afters. I'm going to do that today. The photo above is the AFTER photo, the end result. I will post the BEFORE photo below. Yes, I know that's backwards. Ha!

I am slowly developing a technique that bleaches out the photo to black and white and then brings a color and sometimes those closely related, like pink will sometimes bring out reds. The technique will only bring out colors that already exist in the photo. 

Pretty amazing, huh? I love to play with edits. I don't know what everything does, so I click it and see. I can always make use of the undo button if it's awful. 

Oh, by the way, prolly should have said this part sooner, I use to edit my photos. I like it because it is most like the program I learned on, Paint Shop Pro 8. I can even add plug-ins to do more stuff! If you happen to use, the effect I used here is called…

Jorified Outfit

Today's post is really what I think exemplifies what this blog is about. I took four pieces from four different designers to make an outfit. I think it turned out great! The four designers I tapped for this one are: FnH, L'Emperio, N-Core, AH, and Magika for the hairstyle.
The top comes from FnH, which less politely stands for Fuckin' Hawt! I have had this top for a long time, maybe as long as two years. I never wore it because at the time that I bought it, I wore the maitreya body. There is a version for maitreya, but it is experimental. In this case, it did not work out well for my maitreya shape, but it is absolutely perfect on my Hourglass shape. I'll be wearing this a lot more, I can promise you that, and here is why:

It comes in a naughty version, too! I will be making a visit to FnH in the near future to see what new items they have that I can't live without. 

This top comes in versions to fit Slink (both), maitreya (experimental), and the standard sizes for th…

Naughty Girl Consequence

Hello again. Very excited about this picture. I just love the pose, the sentiment, and the décor. I titled the photo, "Naughty Girl Consequence", which seemed appropriate. I did not do a whole lot to this image, mostly just jorified it for clarity and a frame.
I found this pose on SecondLife marketplace. The pose is made by ART Animations and is named, "Yes, Boss." I love the submissive nature of it. The pose comes with the crop (shown) and a chair (not shown). The animation pose comes separate from the chair as well. 
My Daddy just loves anything Fapple. In fact, everything shown here is his and it all came from Fapple. The furniture has really good animations, plus the textures and overall photo appeal are amazing. If you are inclined to the BDSM side of things, I can recommend Fapple as a must-visit location. Naturally, I went to the inworld store and I love the way it's set up. Each little set or scene has its own little cubby inside the building to display. …

HUDs Outfit

So, today I made an outfit. Yay me, right? Well, it's not just any outfit. This one is very useful to me even though I will never wear it. It is an outfit with all the HUDs I can think of that I might need. For example, the HUDs for my Catwa head and my Slink body, plus many others. The reason I made this outfit was to allow me to have every HUD I might need readily available and attachable without buying anything and without having to search my inventory at all. 

I made one today for my Hourglass body since I've only had it a short time and I have a lot of new HUDs for this new body. I already have one for my Maitreya body that I have been using daily for about a year now. 

The first thing you want to do is make a list of all the HUDS you need all the time. Some of mine include: my mesh head HUD, my mesh body HUD, color change HUDs for jewelry that I wear all the time, collar, nails, and make up; just anything that you need often. Since I do photography, I even added my Lumipro…

SL: Jorified Introduction

Hello! My name is Jori Jewell and I am a SecondLife player. I have played SL for five years and some months. In that time, I have played many different slices of SL; Bloodlines (Vampires and Lycans, oh my!), fashion runway modeling SL style, escorting, and finally porn/erotic modeling and photography. Some of my other favorite activities are shopping, clubbing, exploring and spending time with friends.
I have been on the SL porn scene for approximately two years, which also happens to be about the same time I started taking my own photos. Let me tell you, my first attempts were abysmal, but I kept at it and I think that, though I'm not the best photographer SL has ever seen, I do put out some pretty good pieces of art once in a while. 
Enough about me for the moment. I want to define what my blog will be about. SL: Jorified will be a blog about my fashion choices, where I wear them, how I style them and where I found them. It will not be a blog about the newest outfits at the most c…